Juva – Sulkava

Canoeing route & water nature trail

Canoeing in the middle of the beautiful Finnish lakeland nature!

The route between Juva and Sulkava is suitable to family outings.

The route is suitable to family outings

The Squirrel Route is also the first biologically studied Finnish aquatic nature trail marked with information boards.

Along the route are 21 checkpoints that are visible to the canoe by hand and describing the natural area. On the way there are a wide variety of lakes, rivers and rapids. The landscape varies from lush minimalistic tracks.

The Squirrel Route (Oravareitti) is a 57 kilometers long canoeing route which runs between Juva and Sulkava.

The water condition of the route is best in early summer in May-June.

Squirrel route today

We are waiting for the spring to come and ice to break up in The Squirrel Route. The best time visiting The Squirrel Route is in the spring or in the beginning of the summer. Also the late summer and autumn are mostly good, but we recommend you to check the water level beforehand.
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Juva tourist information

ABC-Juva, Tulostie 1
0400 761 944

Juva Camping

Poikolanniementie 68, 51900 Juva
015 451 930

Sulkava tourist information

Alina-puoti, Alanteentie 28
044 4175 215

Sulkavan Oravanpesät

Kalajärventie 13, 58700 Sulkava
0400 938 076

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