Frequently asked questions

How much time should I reserve for canoeing the entire route?

On average, most people paddle the route over three days, depending on previous experience, fitness levels and wind directions along the route.

If you have some experience of canoeing and the winds are in your favour at the beginning of the route on Jukajärvi, you may be able to complete the route in two days.

The route can also be travelled in shorter sections.

Are there shops along the route?

There are no shops along the route, so you should stock up before starting your trip. You can order snacks to take with you from Juva Camping and Oravanpesät. You will find an ABC petrol station and supermarket near the starting point, and the centre of Juva with its supermarkets is located just a couple of kilometres away.

What equipment is there at the rest stops?

The rest stops and their services are marked on the Squirrel Route map. The basic rest stop services include a fireplace, firewood, a jetty, tent pitches, a lean-to or a Lappish hut and a toilet.

When is the best time to do the route?

The route is at its best in spring, in May–June. Juva Camping and Sulkava’s Oravanpesät can provide more information on the water situation.

I am going canoeing without a guide. What should I take into account?

For safety reasons, we recommend informing either Juva Camping or Sulkava’s Oravanpesät of your plans for the canoeing trip. You should also let them know if you cancel your trip.

Should I take a canoe or a kayak?

Both have their advantages and you should test them to decide which suits you best. Kayaks use double-bladed paddles whereas canoes are steered with a single-bladed paddle. The paddler also sits in a different position.

Because of its open design, a canoe is easier to get in and out of, and is also easier to load. Its wider bottom makes it slightly more stable than a kayak. In practice, a canoe requires two paddlers so teamwork is essential.

A kayak is a little faster to paddle. A kayak is ideal for paddlers who want to take their own route.

Can I take children with me?

The Squirrel Route is also suitable for children. As always when doing water activities, being able to swim is important.

The route is also suitable for younger children, at the discretion of their parents.

Can I take a pet with me?

You can take your pet with you if the pet is used to such outdoor activities. 
Please bear in mind the regulations on times when dogs must be kept on a leash.

How do I get back to the starting point?

As the route’s elevation difference is 24 m, it can only be travelled in one direction. Equipment hire providers also arrange transport for paddlers.

What should a paddler prepare for?

Make sure you have a life vest (included in the hire price), clothing that is suitable for the weather conditions and waterproof footwear (e.g. Crocs or similar), equipment for starting a fire, and a sufficient amount to drink and small snacks.

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